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International Yoga Day Celebrations 2019 - For Children


International Yoga Day for Children & Young People Saturday

 Please come and celebrate the 5th Annual United Nations International Day for Yoga with us.

We have organised a fun-packed day geared to encourage children and young people  to explore yoga.

Although this event focuses on the children and young people, their parents and guardians are also encouraged  to participate in the activities of the day.


Saturday 22nd June 2019


10am to 4pm


10 Thornton Row
Thornton Heath
CR7 6JN 


Please note that although the sessions are FREE (except for the SLIMETASTIC LAB

WORKSHOP) a small voluntary donation of £2.00 would be welcome to contribute towards

the rental of the space.

 BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW on or click here


10:15-10:45 (FREE!)

TODDLER Yoga (2-4 years old with their parents or guardians)

A 30mn interactive & explorative session in the sea with Terry full of movements,

singing, playing and connecting for toddlers and their adult.

11:00-12:00 (FREE!)

CHILDREN AND ADULTS’ yoga (mixed ages 4-13 years)

A one-hour immersive yoga session where children and their parent or guardian

delve in yoga’s treasures.

12:15-13:00 (£4.00/person 

Pre-Registration required  click here to register or email

SLIMETASTIC lab (mixed ages 4+)

A 45mn science and arts & crafts lab. Join us for some awesome HANDS-ON

experiments and make your own mindful sensory slime to take home where you will

be able to use it as a tool to self-manage.

14:00-15:00 (FREE!)

CAPOYOGA (mixed ages 4+, parents or guardians welcome)

A 1-hour explorative session of two disciplines from 2 different continents: South

America and Asia. CAPOYOGA is the combination of capoeira-a non-contact Brazilian

martial art- and Yoga-a mindful physical Indian discipline.

15:00-16:00 (FREE!)


A 1-hour yoga session strictly reserved to young people. Breathe to the rhythm of a

Tibetan bowl, warm up to music, challenge yourself with some intricate poses, test

your creativity and finish off with some soothing relaxation.

Come and give it a go!